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Colombian sensation ANDRES LOPEZ is the hottest and most versatile Spanish-language humorist in the world, with businesses in theatre, TV, commercials, radio, voice-overs and more. At 36 years of age, ANDRES has been recognized as one of the 40 most influential people in Colombia under 40. ANDRES' career exploded with the release of his acclaimed show "La Pelota de Letras (The Ball of Letters)," which sold over 100,000 copies and holds the record as the best-selling DVD ever in the history of Latin America. "La Pelota" has sold out over three years worth of shows in Colombia, has been performed live over 1,000 times and has sold over two million tickets worldwide.
"Me Pido la Ventana" is his latest show. Since its debut in April 2007, "Me Pido" has been performed over 300 times and has sold more than 70,000 DVD copies. "Me Pido" was a huge success in Spain with a three-month long residence. This show has been performed in the United States, Spain and Canada, and soon will be performed in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina and other markets to be announced.
ANDRÉS LOPEZ is more than just a comedian. Along with his stand up shows, he produces animations for different formats such as TV, mobile, audio videos, websites, etc. He also provides the voices for different characters and TV sketches.
On the commercial front, ANDRÉS was recently signed to be the face of MasterCard in Colombia, and acted in Comcast commercials.
ANDRES starred in "Me Pido la Parola", a children’s program on RCN that was the highest-rated show of its genre, and has worked at RCN on the "Mañanero de la Mega" morning program, maintaining the #1 spot throughout several consecutive years.